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Charles 22

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Jul 25, 2021
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I have been recording METV for some time now, and finally I can give you the overall results. To compare, anything I have seen on that station, has looked very good that obviously was on HD, and, of course, it may say it's 1080p or 720p, but still actually be 480p, or worse. As good as it looked though, I have to conclude it's my tv that is mostly making it look good, which is a 4k (really 2k) X900E made by Sony. I never knew what the alleged upgrading could do, but now I suppose I know.

I reach this conclusion because it's not holding up on my Viewsonic 1080p monitor at all, where I'm taking out snapshots. Now I know good and well NOTHING I get on the x900e is truly 2160p, because I don't have upgraded cables, etc, but it is a better 1080p than my former plasma, and probably than the monitor as well. What thing I noticed rather steadily towards the last few months, how many programs I was recording, that were allegedly coming in as 1080p, and they weren't.

Every single file I have played from that, obviously don't look 1080p. Not that I haven't definitely had 1080p on this monitor, and that's a lot better than these recordings. As well, if you look at the properties of each file, they show as 720p. What really irritates me about this though, is that the programs you are getting are inconsistent. For example, I've played a lot of Happy Days videos in a row, and they're one of the better looking programs on that alleged 720p, still not really 720p in my view, maybe 600p. Anyway, every once in a while you'll have an episode that goes totally to hell, and looks 480p at best.

Perhaps the oddest thing of all, is that Hogan's Heroes look SOOOO damn good on my X900E, but put that recording on and Hogan never looks much good. It's so bad in comparison, that I've just taken to deleting all of them sight unseen. I also have a 144hz monitor over here, so that's definitely aiding me in the quality (I'm not sure what HZ the X900E uses). The 144hz, makes a very large difference, as I've done a before and after, with the same film on it before, but as new as that is to me, Hogan, for example, is still a shambles. To me, to describe these as a shambles, it would have to look worse than what I would expect a Hogan dvd would look (I'm pretty sure I have one). I've also recorded Gomer Pyle quite a bit, and I think for the most part, it is an improvement over dvd, but probably still not 720p, and it also had the problem of a few episodes looking garbage. And yes, Gomer looks super on that X900E.

Here very recently I have seen a lot that once claimed 1080p, are now going back to 720p. Also, METV over here, has had a history of the same show being 720p one day, 1080p the next, and then back to 720p again. They're definitely inconsistent.

Okay, I just made a quick glance over the net. The X900E is rated for 120hz, so my monitor outdoes it in that department.

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