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Dec 30, 2001
Went to see their show at the MCI Center this past Sunday, and it was friggin' awesome. Not only was this my first Metallica concert, but it was my first big-ticket stadium/arena concert in general. The boys did not disappoint in the least bit. Even with nosebleed seats, it was an incredible experience.

Now since this is the HTF, there is going to be a bit of bitching involved here. Today I decided it would be a good idea to download the MP3's of the concert off of Metallica's website. I had doubts about the quality, but hey it was ten bucks for over two hours of live Metallica, and after all, I wanted to remember my first (hopefully not last) Metallica concert. Anyway, the quality turns out to be horrible. The sound is garbled and muddy, and there is almost no discernable dynamic range whatsoever. I was naive to hope for Live Shit quality, but to give you an idea, these recordings are as bad as, and in some cases worse than, the live stuff on the Some Kind of Monster EP. In short:

$75 for tickets to see Metallica live: WELL worth it
$10 to hear same show in MP3 format: better off flushing down toilet


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Jul 24, 2000
You must have had bad luck. I bought the one from Tucson, and the quality is just fine. So I wouldn't generalize like that, could just be different from show to show.

They should really have some samples available for each show though, so potential buyers could judge the quality before they pay.

Oh, and I agree, Metallica are an awesome live band. I haven't seen them in ages though, last time was in early 90's, but I've seen them a few times and they have never disappointed.


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