Merlin new edition (sam neil)

Discussion in 'DVD' started by TonyD, Jun 1, 2004.

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    Tony D.
    so i was looking at this today and i noticed on my old release one of the special features is, "reverse spiral dual layer".

    on the new release one of the special features is 5.1 circle surround.
    this is the sound format that espn hd uses.

    it must be a very small percent of people who have circle surround on their system.

    i wonder why lions gate would use this on a release instead of normal dolby digital 5.1.
    i'm sure the "2.0 stereo" as listed, is dolby.

    is SRS paying lions gate to use that?

    anyway it's a pretty good mini series and if you are a fan of the arthurian stuff you should give this a look.
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    Damn. My speakers are arranged in a more square-like shape; I hope can I still hear the soundtrack.

    I'll be double diping on this one. Excellent mini.

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