Member Review: ABBA "The Visitors" Deluxe Edition CD/DVD


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Jan 6, 2004

Sadly, this was ABBA's last full-length studio album They apparently did some work on a follow-up to be called "Opus 10" but solo projects, Bjorn and Benny's work on the musical "Chess" and the dissolution of the couples in the group made this their swan song. It's an incredibly complex and "adult" ABBA, a far cry from the earlier music like "Waterloo" and "Take A Chance On Me."

The entire original album is presented, along with bonus tracks that appeared as B-sides or non-album tracks. These include "I Am The City," "Should I Laugh Or Cry," "You Owe Me One," "Cassandra," "Under Attack," and "The Day Before You Came."

Each volume of this 30th Anniversary Series includes a DVD with rare live footage, interviews and one of my favorite features, the International Sleeve Gallery which showcases almost every picture sleeve for the 7", 12" and LP releases! If you've never seen ABBA's Japanese 7" singles, they are STUNNING! The live tracks include songs from "Dick Cavett Meets ABBA" and both UK and Swedish TV interview programs. While each of these releases are great musically, it's the DVDs that really make them worth owning.

ABBA has claimed that there are no "lost tracks," but the "Extra Bonus Track" on this release not only disproves that, it just whets the appetite for more: "From A Twinkling Star to A Passing Angel" is a nine minute medley of about ten different versions of "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room." From Bjorn's demo of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (the basis for the song's melody) to the finished product, it takes us through some AMAZING takes on the song, including an upbeat, danceable version with a drum track and outstanding vocals by Agnetha and Frida. This track alone is worth the price of the album!

The CD set is only available as an import, but Amazon carries it. The Visitors: ABBA: Music


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May 18, 1999
Bought an ABBA set from Amazon last year. Don't have the title handy but it was the typical greatest hits compilation, 2 CDs and I'm guessing 30+ songs.
This looks interesting and might be worth the purchase.

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