Member Review: ABBA "Arrival" 30th Anniv. Deluxe Edition


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Jan 6, 2004
While ABBA (maybe not the group, but at least their labels) seem to find endless ways to repackage their hits, most are pretty easy to pass on...there just isn't enough material that makes it worth the double/triple/quadruple dipping---until now! I recently picked up this OUTSTANDING reissue that is a must-have for any serious ABBA fan.

Disc One:
"Arrival" (all the original release tracks)
Bonus tracks:
---"Happy Hawaii"
---"La Reina Del Baile" ("Dancing Queen", Spanish version)
---"Conociendome, Conociendote" ("Knowing Me, Knowing You", Spanish version)
---"Fernando" (Frida's Swedish language solo version)

Disc Two:
DVD (NTSC, R0, 4:3)
"ABBA-Dabba-do" (one hour)
"Dancing Queen" (Musikladen TV version)
"Fernando" (Tops Of The Pops version)
"Happy Hawaii" (promo video)
"Dancing Queen" recording session (5 min)
"ABBA In London" (15 min)
"ABBA's Success" Swedish News Report (6 min)
"Arrival" TV commercials (2)
Sleeve Gallery

This is an ABBA fan's wet dream!!!! A treasure trove of never released/rare video product that often spotlights the fact that they had just hit superstar status and how they dealt with it.
***"ABBA-Dabba-Do" it a slightly tongue-in-cheek history of the band and features six promo videos, an alternate promo video for "Money Money Money" and two live performances, "Why Did It Have To Be Me" and "Dum Dum Diddle". This program, the Recording Session and the News Report are all in Swedish with optional English subtitles.
***The "Fernando" (TOTP version) is a taped performance video, but the instrumental track is different from the released version.
***"Happy Hawaii" is a demo cartoon for a proposed series of cartoon videos/adventures that never came to fruition.
***The Recording Session is excerpts from a documentary on producer Stig Anderson. It is the ONLY filmed recording session in existence and features the alternate lyrics to the song that were later cut.
***"ABBA in London" is from a BBC news program that covers their trip to London to promote "Arrival".
***One of the "unexpected treasures" is the sleeve gallery that showcases about 75 or so album/EP/45 sleeves of "Arrival" and its various singles from all over the world...for as much as I collect ABBA, I had NEVER seen the US picture sleeve for "Money Money Money"!

Also included is a nicely illustrated 28 page booklet that covers the CD and DVD content in-depth.

While the groups has said that they will never release any of the stuff in the vaults, I think the DVD content on this release MORE than makes up for it. I can't wait to see the Anniversary Editions of the remaining four studio albums.

Rating: 9/10

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