Me Without You -- 1.85:1 presentation of a 2.35:1 film?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Karl F, Jun 15, 2003.

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    I just watched the DVD for a film called "Me Without You," which streets on Tuesday, June 17. (I own a video store, so I am able to take home our rental copy and watch it before I put it out on the shelf on Tuesday. I hope it's okay to discuss it.)

    It's very strange. The box says that it's presented in a widescreen version "which preserves the orginal theatrical aspect ratio of approximately 1.85:1."

    I believe that the DVD is in 1.85:1, but I don't think I believe the "orginal theatrical aspect ratio" part. There are a number of scenes with people at opposite ends of the screen; at either side of a table, for instance. In many of these one or more of them is cut out; occasionally, you'll only see their hand gesturing.

    Also, I noticed at least two "pans," and also two shots which are "squished." One of them is a "still-photo" group shot with a year printed off to one side, so that the picture must be squished to incude that text.

    If it was just the fact that people were often chopped off at the sides, I would chalk it up to weird framing by the director, or a mistake in the transfer, or that I had my player set up wrong, or something. But the pans and squishing must mean that they actually made a decision to "pan-n-scan" this movie down to 1.85:1, right?

    That just makes no sense to me. Why have a DVD that is simultaneously widescreen and P&S? says it's 2.35:1, for what that's worth. Did anyone see this in the theater, and can you confirm or deny my suspicions?

    Are there other DVD like this?

    The studio is Columbia Tristar, BTW.

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    The region 2 UK version which was released last october is in the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

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