McCartney: Get Back

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    Rich Allen
    I saw this DVD in the local Sam Goody's. It had an "import" sticker on it but it didn't seem like one. It was in NTSC. I looked it up on Amazon and it says there region 1. Anyway, has anyone seen this? The reviews on Amazon were pretty bad. The song list looks good so I was hopeful but...
    I'd trust reviews from here a lot more.
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    Jan 23, 1999
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    I have the LaserDisc and I like it a lot. It's a very good concert from Paul's late 80s early 90s phase. Far better than the follow-up "Paul Is Live" which I think sucks.
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    I've written a review that hasn't gone online yet. I think the movie's a bad example of a concert film. Many songs feature excessive crowd shots as well as lots of images from other films and media. Heck, during "Long and Winding Road", we NEVER see Macca or the band - it's all a lame Sixties montage! The performances are decent but unspectacular; Paul sounded pretty bad vocally on this tour, and his lack of range showed.
    As for the DVD, it's a pretty weak affair. Both picture and sound are drab at best, and they contain quite a few problems. I gave the visuals a "D+" and the audio a "C-". Do yourself a favor and skip this one, especially since it comes with a $40 or so pricetag...
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