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May FINALLY be going to LA next year... (1 Viewer)


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Dec 28, 2001
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After at least ten years of wanting to go out to LA to see some of my favorite shows taped, I may finally be getting my chance next year thanks to a NECA convention my father goes to once a year. The last one I went to was Bermuda(or whatever island it was, they all look alike ;) )in 1998, but there was really nothing to do there other than look at the pretty scenery and gamble, heh. This one shoud be ten times more fun.

Here's a question, though. What TV shows should I attend, and how many of 'em can you request tickets for in advance?

The ones on the list so far....
Gameshow Network: Whammy, Lingo, Russian Rhoulette.
CBS: Price Is Right(20 Damn years waiting for this one!)
NBC: (Even though I'm a Letterman fan, my father will probably want to see) Leno

I don't watch as much TV now adays, because most of my favorite shows like Home Improvement have been long cancelled. And others don't have live Studio audiences like Enterprise, so there's no chance of seeing those filmed in person unless I know someone on staff...

Any other recomendations?

Jeff Kleist

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Dec 4, 1999
Don't forget that gameshows tend to tape in huge blocks. They tape a month's worth of shows in a week (5 or so a day) so if you aren't there on the right week, you're not going to see them.


Feb 4, 1999
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Since I have been living in LA I have attended a taping of Married with Children, The Tonight Show and the Price is Right (twice). Way more tickets are passed out than there are seats for because they want to make sure every seat is filled. Plan to get to any taping very early.

The Price is Right is extremely popular. Both times I attended the crowds were huge and arrived early. When taping, they tape two shows per day. I would request early show and afternoon show tickets on the same day. You probably have to submit the requests separate to get tickets for both shows on the same day. Then show up 3-4 hours early and if the first show gets too crowded you might be able to get into the second show (this worked for me once). It has been a couple of years since I have gone but I assume it is the same set up.

The Tonight Show can be tough as well. If I remember correctly they start letting you in a 4:45 PM. When I attended, I arrived at 2 PM and there was already quite a line. I guess I was about in the middle of the pack. However, the guests weren't the most popular folks so I probably was lucky. I have heard that depending on the guests, the lines start forming early in the morning. If your Dad is a Leno fan you might consider checking him out here. He performs almost every Sunday and it is not that difficult to get in. It is a nice club and great entertainment. Plus, I found that you can often get front row seats up against the stage. I guess people are afraid to be picked on by Jay or the other comedians and yes, he did get me when I sat up close :).

Does Enterprise film at Paramount? They have a nice studio tour where they take you around the lot. You can't watch a taping but you might see some of actors milling about. When I went I saw some folks from Voyager. Warner Brothers has a nice studio tour as well. I believe reservations are recommended at both studios for their tours.

Have fun on your trip.

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