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Rob Gillespie

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Aug 17, 1998
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Myself I've gone to Seagate. The Barracuda ATA IV 7200rpm range are the quietest hard drives bar none. They don't score as well in the benchmark tests, but I can honestly say that the drives 'feel' a little faster to me than my now-sold IBMs. Idle and seek noise is very low indeed and there's no 'resonance' from the unit at all thanks to the fluid-bearing mechanism. Very classy. I doubt if you'll find a quieter drive.
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Aug 7, 2001
I dont' know how new you're talking but i have a 30gb 7200rpm ata100 Maxtor that is quiet as a mouse. It's not that new though, i bought it about 8 months ago.
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Jonathon Tillman

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Mar 20, 2001
Thanks guy's for you input.
I have two machines, both have a P2 in them. The first machine had two western digital hard drives 5400rpm in them they were not that old about a few years, but they were small so Me jonathon wanted to get a bigger hard drive, so we went for a 60gig western digital 7200rpm which works good and is pretty quiet much quieter then the old ones and much much quieter then the 5400rpm 10gig maxtor in the second machine.
The reason I went for a new hard drive is because I like the speed of 7200rpm and the space that I have needed for downloading avi file movies.
We had a wrestle with that because we needed a BIOS upgrade but we did it and it works fine.
The second machine however is not running to well it has a Maxtor 5400rpm 10.4gig with a P2 and 160Megs of ram. the machine is having problems with bugs and is doing a memory dump every once in a while because of a bug check, maybe something to do with Microsoft? Any way we want a bigger faster and quieter hard drive but in order to do that we might need a bios upgrade on the second machine. (Dell)
We will transfer data from the original hard drive to the new one and then reload windows on the original drive using the original drive as our operating system and the new hard drive for more space.
We (me and my father) are trying to decide on one.
The dell is a Dell dimension XPS R400 with a P2 400MHZ 160Ram currently running window 2000
Bios ver
Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.0
Bios version A03
Do we need a upgrade for bios for a 40 or 60 or 80 gig HD?
If so can you point me in the right direction for an upgrade.
Thanks in advance.
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