Maxim Magazine Road Trip Winners

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  1. Chuck C

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    Jan 6, 2001
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    If you guys subscribe to Maxim, then check out the latest issue (JULY) for my boys who won first place in the Maxim Road Trip. Back around January, Maxim invited anyone who had dreams of a wild spring break road trip to submit proof in return for a few pages of glory in the July issue. Welp, my boys down in Oxford, OH did just that. They were the only contestants who built a website for their greatness. Anyway, check out pg 142 or 3 (featuring a group photo I took) or visit
    AND most definitely check out
    It's worth the hour read; you'll die laughing.
    Learn about my best friend and next door neighbor Matt Ruggles who has family in Oxford (Miami university, my school!) and his cousins Shawn and Kasey...Kasey owns everything incl the 1962 city bus. He's also the reason I got into home theater...props!
  2. Paul Spurgeon

    Oct 23, 2001
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    sweet website! i find myself REALLY wishing my Maxim would come now instead of just wishing it would come

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