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  1. Jason Wolters

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    I have a 36" Toshiba tube television. I have seen all different ideas for creating mattes for RPTV's but what is a good idea for tube sets? They are obviously very curved on the front with a lip all the way around. I was considering just getting some black felt and letting the static hold it on the screen? Will this harm the CRT?
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    Brian W. Ralston
    I also have a 36" Toshiba. This is what I did.

    I bought some Duvetyne fabric and had a friend help me sew two long horizontal strips (about 8-9 inches wide). I doubled the duvetyne, sewed them inside out then pulled them back out so the "soft" side of the fabric is on the outside.

    I then sewed velcro tabs on the ends of each matte (I used the soft velcro side for the mattes, and the plastic "hard" velcro side for the back of the TV)

    I placed the other side of the velcro strips on the back side of the TV around the sides (near the top and bottom).

    This way I can easily add the mattes in any aspect ratio buy placing them across the screen and securing them with the velcro as they fold around the back of the TV.

    It works very well. The use of the fabric for the mattes allows them to stay close to the curved screen of the Toshiba. The fabric is kind of heavy though. I don't think the static from the screen alone would hold them in place.
  3. David Baird

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    The mattes I made for our 36" Toshiba CRT are simple to make and inexpensive. Total investment: Less than $10 for materials and about 15 minutes in time.

    A large piece of flat black foam-board matting from an art supply or framing store and Velcro strips from WalMart are the only materials used.

    Using a straight-edge and sharp utility knife, cut the mattes into appropriate lengths amd widths to fit across front of TV to the extreme edges of the unit. This process would have been simpler had I asked the store to cut them for me.

    Attach four hard strips of Velcro to the plastic edges of the TV set which surround the CRT. Add the soft strips of Velcro to the back of the mattes at each end to line up with those on the TV.

    The mattes are flexible enough to fit just right and provide an inexpensive and quick method for matting your CRT. Whether our room is in total darkness or with lighting, your viewing pleasure is enhanced to near perfection.


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