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Mar 11, 2002
I have read in several places that money for a receiver and speaker purchase should be allocated roughly 1:2, meaning if you buy a $1000 receiver you should spend roughly $2000 on speakers. Does this still hold up given today's technology and deep internet discounting? A $1000 list receiver can be had for $700 but comparable discounts on speakers seem rare. My question is this, will a gross mismatch expose flaws in the other component? For example, would a Denon 3802 be a poor match for Kef Q or Ref series speakers? Likewise, would a Denon 5803 be a poor match for the same speakers? In one case the receiver costs considerably less than the speakers, in the other it costs considerably more. Given your budget, how would you best allocate your money? I am concerned only with receiver and speakers, not cabling and misc. items. For the purpose of this question assume the term receiver is a generic term for a receiver or prepro/amp combo (at the same price point), and the actual components don't matter (I'm not soliciting opinions on Denon or Kef products). Thanks for your input.


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Apr 16, 2002
I think the general opinion is to have a balanced system - meaning distribute your investment evenly across your components. Not running a $3k speaker with a $300 receiver. When you say speakers, do you mean only the L/R mains or a set of 5.1 for a HT? Now assuming we are talking about 5.1 receiver and speaker setup, my budget would be 30% to receiver, 60% to speakers(L/C/R & surrounds) and sub, 10% to cable and interconnects. This is what I would start with and adjust it as I go depending on what I like and need.

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