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Wayde R

Jul 22, 2001
Thanks for the forum, I have so many questions...
Fortunately this forum has helped inform me I've lurked in here for days and read a lot of material, but I still have some nagging questions. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on consumer electronics and don't mind the more technical terminology being thrown my way, if I don't know what it means I can always look it up, or ask. I will break up my questions and not ask too many at once.
Matching is my question today. I have heard and read of this concept, but little attention seems to be given it for it's relative importance. I am concerned with matching components, I question it's relevance and if it is indeed a relevant factor when assembling a sound system then it is my contention that not nearly enough attention is given to component matching.
I've heard it's important to match an amp with speakers that compliment each other. I would like to know more about this. Are there any rules of thumb when matching components? (Besides picking the same brand and/or relative price range). I can understand how a poor match can result in a "bottleneck" such as spending 5K$ on a pair of nice B&W speakers and hooking them up to a 100$ Sony all inclusive receiver, your never going to really hear the B&W's.
Are there any specific examples of "known" poor matches where obvious bottlenecking or a wide disparity of quality product is not a factor. IE. Lets say model XYZ Marantz receiver is poor match for Boston's XYZ speakers because of a really muddy tone they tend to deliver when paired. Conversely can anyone cite a great match? NAD 2400-2600 amp(s) with Missions speakers are GREAT clear detailed sound.
I guess my main question is, are there any rules of thumb, or do you just have to blind test everything? Or should one dispense with the fears of poor matches when dealing with audio equipment in the same price range altogether? Anything you can say on matching would be appreciated. Thanks


Second Unit
Jun 2, 2001
Most of what I have dealt with is matching for speakers, so if you have Model Y of Brand X for your mains, try to match your center and surrounds to that model and brand.
I am currently using a Denon AVR 4800 with a pair of B&W CDM 7NT's as my mains and really like the sound. Don't know if this helps at all, but that combination seems to work well. I chose this set-up just by going out to different stores and listening. Didn't really have a plan at all. :)

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