Masters Of The Universe-30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection

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    I went a little overkill on the pictures here, but I really love this set. Mill Creek has done a great job. Although the dvd's are pacakged in individual cardboard sleeves, they are still attractive discs, and slide right out so you don't need to touch the surface of the dvd.
    Here is what the set icludes:
    -CD soundtrack: Only 20 minutes in length, but it is fantastic(Orko's them is especially good) and contains most of the major music from the original series.
    I have it pictured above along with the liner notes, front, and back.
    -Yellow sword(pictured above in He-Man's hand).
    -Booklet of all the episodes titles, and summary.
    -All three animated series(The 90's version only has 20 "fan favorite episodes" but it is so agonizingly horrible I couldn't even make it through one episode. In my opinion it should have been completely omitted).
    I have not even watched the wealth of special features, but as it stands this set gets the highest mark from me.
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    I thought about upgrading to this set because of space issues (the original takes up WAY too much shelf for me!), but the fact only 20 eps of New Adventures are included turned me off. It's not a good show, I'll certainly grant. It just makes no sense to me not to include all of it. So I'll keep the He-Man and She-Ra "Best" episode collections, plus the Christmas special, all 4 of the classic MotU sets, the 2 New Adventures, 3 She-Ra and 3 nuMotU on the shelf.

    Spines facing out so I can create the mural, of course. :)

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