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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Kenneth Harden, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Kenneth Harden

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    May 13, 2002
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    I have some questions about Martin Logan - DISREGUARDING the price. We will be selling them (99% sure), so that is not an issue.

    Questions on them:

    -Are they as inefficent as they are said to be?
    -I know the sound is very spacy, but still focused and clear, is this accurate?
    -Anything I should know about them?
    -Would a Denon 3805 die driving something like the Aeon i?
    -With proper power, will the mid-range models play loud, or are they 'quiet' speakers?

    Thanks! I know they have a great reputation, but don't know about the technical stuff.
  2. stephen shadow

    Aug 6, 2004
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    1. Efficiency is not a major issue with the smaller model (Aeon, Clarity etc) but can be with the larger models.
    2. Spacey?? Have you actually listened to these speakers or am I misunderstanding your choice of words? I find my ML speakers combine good midrange clarity without the boxiness that afflicts most box speakers.
    4. The Denon should work fine presuming an average size room and less than reference levels. At some point though you will want to get a separate amp to drive your main speakers.
    5. Depends on what you consider loud. MLs will not play as loud as Klipsch Reference unless you go toward the top of the line models. Again it sounds as if you have not listened to these speakers. You should talk to a dealer about your concerns and hear the speakers driven by the 3805 and do not be shy about turning up the volume. Keep in mind that the demo room is not your room at home and may need more power than your setup. A home demo is usually best but diffficult with a five channel speaker setup like you are contemplating. Good luck.[​IMG]
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    I run ML Aerius & Quest speakers. The Quests I use on my main music system and the Aerius are my front L & R speakers for my home theatre.

    I find that they can be driven very to high enough levels without too many problems. Usually it is my wife who has them cranked up as she always wants the music around the complete house while she is doing chores [​IMG]
    If you want anything louder go to a concert.

    My rooms are large and I can stand them out a little from the walls to control bass.

    The 'spacey' effect can be because they are a little tricky to 'dial in' from a positioning point of view, toe in, distance from walls etc. but the ML manual goes into detail about this and it just takes a little bit of listening. I find the sound is presented as an imaged wall of sound rather than two point sources with a stereo image between.

    Bi-wire where possible but the 120w pc should be fine but you should really listen as they are different from box speakers.

    Everyone that listens to mine falls in love with both them and the music.

    Hope this helps,

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