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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Anthony S., Aug 10, 2005.

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    Hello All,

    I'll be picking up a pair of Ascents this Friday. Ultimately, I will have an all ML 7.1 system, but I'm just replacing the front three and sub for now.

    Question about the center speaker: Has anyone had tried both the Cinema and the Theater in their systems, and if so, why did you choose one over the other?

    I really would like to hear from anyone who has tried, but especially owners of the above-named speakers because I figure that Prodigy (and Statement!) owners are going with the Theater without hesitation, and owners of the smaller models most likely will be satisfied with the Cinema or Fresco.

    My room is 12x20, with only a pocket door entrance on one wall. It is in the basement and is well-insulated. I plan on adding a 300-500 watt per channel amp to my Pio Elite 49TXi soon after I get the Ascents.


    NOTE: I've cross-posted this on the ML Owners site as well.
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    I am currently running the Cinema in my room and have compared it to a Theater in my buddy's house. It all boils down to money! If I would have had the money, I would have a Theater in my house. It throws out a much bigger sound than the cinema (larger panel) and goes much louder than the cinema. On my setup, the cinema is basically maxed out to get it within the 75 decibel level.

    For mains, I am using the Aerius i speakers.

    Jeff Aguilar
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    My dream system is also Martin logan & ive been reading up a bit on them. The reviews Ive read said that the Theater is a much better speaker & off axis resopnse is much better since the panel is curved out torwards the listener vs. concaved inwards like the cinema. You can find used ones on audiogon & ebay usually.

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