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Martial Arts 50 Movie Pack

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jon Martin, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Jon Martin

    Jon Martin Cinematographer

    Sep 19, 2002
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    I know there has been some discussion about the Treeline 50 movie DVD packs in the past. These are box sets of 12, double sided DVDs, with 2 or 3 movies to a disc, all public domain (or "assumed" public domain) films of varying quality. Some quite watchable, some unwatchable, some uncut, some edited TV prints. Often in the same set. Normally can be found in discount stores for $20.

    I've bought a few in the past. They are kind of fun, for the money. But I picked up a new set yesterday that was quite good, the Martial Arts pack.

    Now most of these are the dubbed versions of 70's martial arts films. But, to be honest, most of these films would be unwatchable in the subtitled form. The campy dubbing is the only thing going for them.

    A few of the films are a bit of a surprise though.

    The set contains three of the Sonny Chiba STREETFIGHTER films, the original (in I think the unedited, 90 minute cut), RETURN, and SISTER STREETFIGHTER. The surprising thing is, they are all letterboxed and very nice transfers. I don't know if they just stole the now I believe out of print transfers from the early 90s when it got an official release (by was it New Line) based on Tarantino's love of it.

    Another surprise is a film called KARATE KIDS USA which is actually one of Curtis Hanson's first films THE LITTLE DRAGONS, which was always on cable in the early 80's. Not a bad print.

    But, the biggest surprise has to be a film called THE IMPOSSIBLE KID. Has anyone heard of this? A film, made in the Phillipines I believe, starring a 2 foot 9 inch actor called Weng Weng. Sort of a James Bond like film that really has to be seen to be believed. According to the IMDB, he is the shortest actor to ever appear in the lead role in a film, and made a few of these films, playing Agent 00.

    For the films listed in Maltin, I did a comparison to see if they were uncut versions. For the most part, they seemed to be. One film (BLACK FIST starring Dabney Coleman) ran 15 minutes less than the Maltin runtime, but since it seemed to have some language that wasn't cut, it may be the correct version.

    Anyway, a fun set. Thought I'd mention it might be worth picking up if anyone sees it on the shelves.
  2. Drew Mertz

    Drew Mertz Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 10, 1999
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    The set also features a few episodes of the Lee Van Cleef TV show from the 80s "The Master" that made the set worth picking up for me....Plus I found it used for $3
  3. Russell G

    Russell G Fake Shemp

    Sep 20, 2002
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    sounds neat! I'll have to pick it up!

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