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    Selling this like new receiver for $700.00 plus shipping from zip 29732. Thanks for looking.



    The Marantz SR7300ose, a supercharged version of the Marantz SR7300, is designed for exceptional high-end home theater performance that incorporates DTS® ES-discrete 6.1-channel decoding for enhanced surround sound realism. The additional back surround channel decoded from DTS-6.1 encoded discs provides a more realistic surround sound environment by allowing smoother, 360-degree sound effects. For enhanced performance, the SR7300ose incorporates a copper plated chassis with double bottom plate, upgraded power supply, better shielding and wiring and gold plated input and output jacks. The Marantz SR7300ose also offers a selection of other useful surround modes, including Dolby Digital® EX, DTS® 5.1 decoding. Dolby Pro Logic II® (Music and Movie) decoding, an HDCD decoder, as well as SRS Circle Surround® II (6.1). The SR7300ose’s advanced DSP circuitry utilizes 24-bit, 192 kHz audio decoding and a leading edge Crystal® DSP chip for superlative fidelty and resolution. The SR7300ose is software upgradeable and easily controlled via a RS232C terminal and includes a programmable learning remote control.


    110 Watts x 6 (Into 8 Ohms)
    All Discrete Amplifier Stages
    192 kHz/24-bit D/A Converters For All Channels
    Dolby Digital EX 6.1/5.1, DTS 6.1/5.1
    DTS 96/24
    Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie, Music)
    6 Channel Stereo Mode
    SRS Circle Surround® II (6.1)
    HDCD Decoder
    Multi-room, Multi-source Capability
    Speaker A/B Switching
    Gold Plated Inputs/Outputs
    Copper Plated Chassis With Double Bottom Plate
    Several modifications to the Power Supply, Signal Path, Output Devices, Preamp Stage as well as improved internal Wiring and Shielding

    Software Upgradable (RS-232)
    DTS ES 6.1 Discrete/5.1/Neo:6 + DTS 96/24
    Dolby Digital EX®
    Dolby Pro Logic II
    Circle Surround SRS CS® 6.1
    HDCD Decoder
    Current Feedback Topology
    Discrete Amplification
    Power Transformer EI (Upgraded)
    D/A Conversion 192 kHz/24-bit (Hand Selected)
    Digital Surround Processing Crystal® (Hand Selected)
    Video Off
    Source Direct
    Chassis AllCopper w/ Double Bottom Plate
    Customized Components
    Shielding Extensive Shielding in all Critical Areas
    Composite In - 5 (gold plated)
    Composite Out - 3 (gold plated)
    S- Video In - 5 (gold plated)
    S- Video Out - 3 (gold plated)
    Component In - 2 (gold plated)
    Component Out - 1 (gold plated)
    Analog In - 8 (gold plated)
    Analog Out - 4 (gold plated)
    Digital In - 7 Total
    Digital Optical In - 4 (3 assignable)
    Digital Optical Out - 1
    Digital Coaxial In - 3 (assignable)
    Digital Coaxial Out - 1
    Pre- Amplifier Out - 7.1 Channels (gold plated)
    Main Amplifier In
    Multi-Channel In - 8 Channels (gold plated)
    Multi-Room Audio Out - L/R Pre-out (fixed or variable)
    Multi-Room Video Out - 1 (CVBS)
    DC Triggers - 2 (assignable)
    Speaker Terminal A/B + C, Sl, Sr, Sb
    Multi-Room Speaker Terminal
    D-Bus RMC Out
    Multi-Room RMC
    External IR Yes - thru RC-5
    AC Outlets Yes, (1 switched/1 unswitched)
    Front Inputs L/R, CVBS, S, Opt. Digital
    Headphone Out
    Power Output (8 Ohm) 110 W x 6, (
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