Marantz sr5200 worth it?

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    Does anyone know getting a 6.1 reciever worth getting since not alot of dvd are 6.1 but are 5.1. Iam getting the Marantz at a good price. And how much is the center channel used in a 5.1 dvd. Thanks
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    You might want to read the discussion about the 7200. I went with the 6200 and I am extremely pleased with it. though it has the 6.1 option, I am not using it right now, and I may not use it at all (I have hooked it up to try it out). The units have the ability to play back 5.1 in 6.1 mode, though I can only hear a very slight difference, but when playing 6.1 material it sounds great!
    The center is the most used speaker in any 5.1 setup when watching movies...
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