Marantz MM9000 Review

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by CraigerM, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. CraigerM

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    Feb 10, 2004
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    I finally got around to fully testing my new Maranztz MM9000 amp. In the same financial constraints as many of you, I wanted to upgrade my system, but I have been short on cash. I have a Sony DB930 receiver, Pinnacle Gold Towers/Center, Axiom QS-8 surrounds, Klipsch KSW-12 sub, Pioneer 563a SACD/DVD-A. None of my stuff is spectacular, but well matched to each other. I was happy with the sound when it was processed with movies/cds or other EQ’d sources, but thought it was lacking with the analog direct modes playing music. Since I am about 70/30 Music/Movies, I thought it was worth the experiment to try this amp from Accessories 4 Less for $621, when local dealers still wanted $1000.

    Using the Sony as a preamp and connected with Ixon cables, I methodically listened to my favorite tracks for many hours. For all those who are wondering if it is worth a try, it is a definite YES.

    The sound is punchier, fuller, and more defined at a lower volume setting. It’s also much more musical sounding with Alan Parsons, Toto, Areosmith, Yes, Doobie Bros, Eagles and Elton John SACD/DVD-A. But even more than that, there is a certain silkiness now, a much smoother top end that is amazing. I heard some synth, guitar and horn parts that I never, ever heard, and being a musician, believe me, I listened to this stuff over and over.

    I am sure that sound wise, it is nothing near what some of you have produced with the high end equipment you invested in. But for a solid, low budget upgrade to step into the path of separates, I highly recommend this unit for anyone in a similar boat as I am. The money I saved on the amp will be put towards a new preamp, if I can decide on one at the Home Theater show in May.
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    Nov 25, 2003
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    I have this amp and yes, it is quite musical. I like the build along with the quality of the components used. I'm glad I picked up one. Excellent unit for the price. I ran the Led-Zeppelin DVD which gave it so much more body than the Sherwood AM-9080 that I was using beforehand. All in all, a bargain. THX Ultra Certifed too. Cheers.
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    I agree. For the price, you cant go wrong for the 5 channels. It should last you awhile...or longer.

    Congrats on your satisfying purchase.

    BTW. I do not own own. I almost did though.
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    No replacement for displacement [​IMG] (except boost [​IMG] ) A big, clean amp can only add to the experience.

    Last night, I fired up my mains, GR Research A/V-2s, on two Marantz MA500 monoblocks. Though I have already been running them via an 8300 (rated 125wpc @ 8 Ohms), the 500s running 180w @ 4 Ohms made a noticable difference in clarity and really brought a new level of sublte detail out. I popped in material that I use to audition, that I am very familiar with, and have heard on a number of nice systems, and I still began hearing minute details I hadn't heard before.

    Congrats on the MM9000. Had that deal been around earlier, I probably would have gone with a 7400 and the 9000 instead of the 8300, but I got the 500s for a very good price.

    Never worry about the "level" of your gear, as long as it makes you happy.

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