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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Tan Ng, Mar 15, 2004.

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    This is a review for a brand new just came out 4 channel Amp 275 watts per channel from Marantz

    From my history, I have been very impressed with Marantz products. The Marantz sound is always very musical and no matter what source you are playing CD, VCR, LD or DVD. For me, I always watch DVDs, some DTS LD and VCR tapes and Marantz always bring music in movies out in a very strikingly stunning. I had the marantz SR-18 since 1999 and for 4 years it has been my favorite toy.

    I have been listening to the SR-18 almost everyday and since it is a receiver and even though it has enough power, I decided to go seperate by getting 5 Marantz monoblock MA-700 at 200 watts per channel to amplify the sound of my SR-18 to the most and it was awesome until Christmas 2003 when I purchased the new Marantz 4 channel amps MM-9340 at 275 watts per channel.

    Even though, the Ma-700 have been very popular, I think this new Marantz amp are even better. It sound much better, clearer and more detail than the MA-700. I was so amazed with this new amp. For the price of $500 per channel, I think it is much better amp than more expensive amp and not even sound as good. This new amp is very powerful, very well-made and even made in America. Prior to buying this new Marantz amp, I was trying to buy Proceed 5 channel amp at 125 watt x 5 but I held off because it cost $5000 and I didn't even know if it sound as good as Marantz Ma-700 so I waited for the new amp and I was glad I waited.

    The new MM-9340 has 1 power led light and 4 beautiful led lights for each channel. Those led are for Protect, Thermal, Peak and Signal. I am not going to Protect, Thermal or Peak led because it usuually doesn't come up unless there is a problem. The signal led is a green light and it flashes from light to strong green depend on the signal from the source you are playing. I love that green led. They were beautiful when I was playing 3000 miles to Graceland DVD movie where there was a shooting in the casino and bullets flying everywhere and those green lights were flashing in an orderly fashion synchronizing with the signals of the bullets from all 4 channels. This amp has 6 Volts DC trigger so you can turn it on or off with your preamp and it doesn't have to be a Marantz preamp and it has a jack so you can turn it on with any Marantz preamp or receiver.

    My system was Marantz Sr-18 as preamp, MM-9340 for left, center, right and right surround and I keep 1 Marantz MA-700 for left surround and 1 MA-700 for subwoofer. My right surroung always have more detail than my left surround because as I said above the MM-9340 is more detail than the MA-700. For now, I am saving money to buy another MM-9340 to replace the left surround and subwoofer just to prove how much I like this amp.

    Then about February, 2004 I purchased a used Meridian 568 processor as a preamp because I heard people on forum said that 568 is very musical and one of the best preamp out there so I followed their advice. After I bought the 568, I put my SR-18 for sale because I need the money to pay toward the 568 that I just purchased. I placed an ad on ebay and it took me 3 weeks to be able to sell it and so during 3 weeks, I switched back and forth to compare the two companies Marantz processor or Meridan processor to see if Meridian is really good and it is. Meridian does sound very similar to the Marantz but clearer, and more depth. However, I don't want to offend any Meridian fan but to me the Marantz SR-18 does sound more musical than the Meridian 568 in term of music but less depth and of course Meridian cost 3 times more than Marantz SR-18. So to anyone who is trying to buy a new amp, take a look at the new Marantz MM-9340 at 275watt/channel or MM9360 at 150 watt/channel and go to Cambridge Soundworks, they let you test it out up to 45 days and if you are not happy, you can bring it back but I am sure you won't be dissapointed with the MM-9340. Finally, I do not work for Marantz, I am just a Marantz fan giving you the info from my experience.

    My equipment

    Preamp-Meridian 568
    Amp section - 4 Channel amp Marantz MM-9340 and 2 Marantz MA-700 for left surround and subwoofer
    Speakers- Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home and 2 Cambridge Soundworks surround
    TV-Sony Direct View KD-34XBR2
    Moster cables all the way
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    Nice review, thanks!
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    I have the older Marantz MM9000 which I got at a really low price. I also find Marantz products quite musical. Great build, THX Ultra certified and made in Japan.

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