Marantz Crossover at 100hz. Should I bring it down abit?

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    I have a Marantz AV560U pre/pro who's crossover is 100hz. I'm always reading about people wanting to crossover at 60-80 range. Which crossover range is optimal? Should I use a external crossover box like the Paradigm X-30 or the Sub input/ouputs and own crossover. My sub is a Paradigm PS-1000 and speakers Paradigm Mini Monitors/CC-350. The only problem is the sub only has inputs for fronts and rears, not center. ANy suggestions.

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    The 'ideal' crossover frequency depends on your main speakers and amplifiers as well as the location you've chosen for your subwoofer. It's harder to tell where low frequencies are coming from than higher frequencies.

    Usually the lowest crossover frequency you can use is the frequency at which the output of your speakers has fallen 3dB from the average value.

    What you might consider doing is setting your front speakers as "large", subwoofer as "none", center and surrounds as "small". That'll redirect the LFE and other low frequencies to the front speaker channels. Then use the subwoofer and its crossover to extend the low frequency response of the front speakers.

    According to Paradigm's Web page, the 3dB point for their MiniMonitors is 43Hz, but it'll also depend on the room they're in. You should use test tones and a sound pressure level meter to find the right crossover frequency for your situation.

    Bear in mind, however, that your amplifiers will have to supply significantly more power to produce the low frequency sounds through your main (and surround) speakers. Using a higher crossover frequency lets the subwoofer's power supply do more of the work.

    I hope this helps a little.

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