Marantz cc-47 dead?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Greg_Smith, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post so a little background for you. First, I confess I'm not an audiophile, I'm quite capable of doing research and A/B comparisions but it's just not something that turns my gears so to speak.[​IMG]

    I usually only research and compare when I absolutely have to, and well recent events may require it. Thing is I recently moved from New Jersey (Hi Keith, this is the greg that used to work at National) to New Mexico. I only brought what I could fit in my car and the Marantz cc-47 was regulated to the trunk, sitting there for about 8 days (3 travel, 5 apartment hunting) during which it surely saw some high temperatures.

    After unpacking, and being a bit music deprived, I find out my CC-47 is no longer recognizing CDs. The logic seems fine, all the button presses are acknowledged, but every time I press play, it scans through the discs and then scrolls "insert disc" across the display as if no discs were in the player. I'm worried I might have melted an optics component (bad) or maybe a wire or transitor somewhere (perhaps not so bad).

    Now my first choice would be to get this repaired, as I was very happy with the sound of the CC-47 in my system (Kenwood KR-V8080 and Paradigm Phantoms). I think most audiophiles would describe my system as bright, but it's what sounds good to my ears and I had it on almost constantly.

    So I guess my questions are as follows:

    1.) What do you suspect is the problem and where would I bring this to get repaired? It's about 6-7 years old so I'm sure it's out of warranty. Bought it at Q audio in Cambridge, MA but didn't save any of the documentation (I know, bad).

    2.) If this will probably be an expensive repair or a difficult one, and I'd be better off looking for a new CD-player, what are some of my options? My budget isn't much different than it was when I bought the CC-47 so looking at the 150-300 range. I wouldn't mind having DVD/DVD-A/SACD capability as well, but not if it offers subpar CD playback to the marantz cc-47. I'm looking for starting points so I can let my ears make the final decision.

    And somewhat offtopic but on the slight chance someone would know, I'm also looking to repair a Samsung 760V LCD display that didn't survive the trip either (also in the trunk!). It now blanks out after about 2 seconds of display (and when the problem first appeared, the distinct smell of burning plastic was evident). This is a little over 1 year old and bought from so perhaps I can follow up on warranty repair.

    Any and all input welcome, even if it's to get a better pair of ears.[​IMG]

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    I'd be suprised if you melted something - after all, it survived sitting in a boat container from Japan for a week or two, then a week in a truck from California to New Jersey before you even touched it. More likely one of those massive potholes on I-70 was the culprit[​IMG]since it wasn't in it's original package (im assuming).

    I'd contact Marantz first and see if they'll help out - if not you might want to pop the cover off and see if there's anything obviously out of whack - then you can take it in for repair if you don't think you can put it back together yourself.

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