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Marantz AV7702 Upgrading Advice Needed (1 Viewer)


Apr 8, 2022
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Bought a new Sony A90J OLED TV which is prompting the upgrade(s). Currently running the only external device (Xbox Series X) into A90J and the AV7702 is connected by HDMI ARC. Previously used the Xbox as the TV source, but the A90J apps produce much better quality than the Xbox for that content, so probably the TV will be the primary source of content for the foreseeable future. In other words, I'm not likely to be using a preamp/processor to handle the video... the TV seems to do that really well.

I am currently configured for 5.2 Paradigm speakers in this house but would like to add speakers for at least 7.2 someday. Atmosphere speakers would be difficult to do here...

I know that ARC limits the potential audio signal. I am able to get Dolby Atmos somehow from Disney+ apps etc. from the A90J via ARC. We do suffer from center channel mud on some content but I'm not sure that's due to the gear.

What I want to know is will upgrading the preamp/processor to something like the Marantz AV7706 with HDMI 2.1 and eARC significantly enhance the sound I'm getting? Or will the difference be subtle, especially with a 5.2 speaker setup?

Hopefully this makes sense...


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Getting a new PrePro can give you 4K 60 and 4K 120 and even dynamic frame rate. I don’t think it will do anything to improve your audio quality.

I have the Marantz 7702 mkII and have looked at upgrading to the current Marantz 7706 or such. Audyssey is the same top-tier version, I believe, and it hasn’t changed or improved since.

The newer model supports the interface app which does give some easier adjusting of the Audyssey controls which might improve things if you want to get into that.

ARC doesn’t do anything for sound quality, it’s just a convenience in system configuration and control. That’s if eARC works: I personally found it more trouble than it’s worth with a new Denon 760, a Sony 950H TV, and an AppleTV, so I turned off eARC and used my system normally without it.

ARC itself doesn’t degrade audio quality:
HDMI ARC/eARC: The One-Cable TV Audio Tech Fully Explained | Digital Trends
HDMI ARC, with its larger data capacity, can transmit these formats too, so if you’re using your TV to stream a Dolby Atmos title from Disney+, you’ll be able to send that signal to your compatible A/V receiver or soundbar.

There is a caveat here: Even though HDMI ARC has the capacity to transmit higher-bandwidth formats like Dolby Atmos, your TV still has to support these formats. For instance, some TVs will play Dolby Atmos using their built-in speakers, but they can’t pass along that same Dolby Atmos content via their HDMI ARC connection (known as Dolby Atmos passthrough). Always pay close attention to a product’s specifications to know what it can or can’t do.

You can also dig into the details of whether the apps on your TV are as good as apps available on other streaming devices. There threads that discuss that issue; it’s beyond my knowledge.

If you really want to dig into room correction and/or quality of processing electronics, you might look into PrePro’s that support Dirac or Anthem Room Correction (ARC, but not the ARC for letting the TV control the whole system.) They’re said to do better than Audyssey.

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