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    I'm endlessly playing with my new Marantz SR-8200, and I'm trying to know everyting I can about it. Can some someone shed any light on the following:

    ADDC (Adaptive Double Differential Control) - does this have something to do with 2 channel stereo? What exactly is this?

    Massive Energy Power Supply, Huge EI Transformer, Large ELCO’s. - All well and good, but what does it mean to me?

    RS232C port - Anyone know what Marantz plans to update with this? I have yet to see any downloads on the web site.

    RC3200 remote - I haven't really warmed up to this... too many clicks to get to simple functions that I used to be able to do just by "feel" with my SR7000 remote. For example: to change the channel on my DirecTV receiver, I have to a) hit something to wake it up, b) hit home, c) select DSS source, d) hit backlight or squint to see the numbers on the screen, e) type my number (and since I'm not actually feeling the button press down, I often miss a number - for example, I'll type 26 instead of 206 for ESPN because the 0 didn't register). With my old remote, I'd just hit DSS and type my number. Simple... I'm half tempted to sell the RC3200 with my SR7000 to get more interest. Am I missing something?

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    yeah as far as remotes go, I think simpler is better, My hometheatermaster 9000 is on its 4th receiver now lol...noones beat it out so far lol....sorry I cant answer your other questions but I really do like marantz sound, you should be very happy [​IMG] I would'nt hold your breath for updates through the computer port, this seems to be a marketing thing with only hi-end companies like meridian etc actually making use of these. Scott

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