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Marantz 8200/9200 vs Rotel 1066+1075 (1 Viewer)


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Jul 27, 2002
Has anyone had the chance to compare the Marantz/8200 or 9200 to the Rotel RSP 1066(plus amp)? I'm mainly interested in a sound comparision for both music & HT.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Aug 5, 2002
although i can't address the marantz units, i just hooked up my new 1066 and 1095.

one word... awesome. i was using a step-above entry level sony 100wx5 receiver prior to conning the wife into the new equipment. i thought the sound with the sony was pretty good, until i connected the rotels. just having no low-level hiss from the speakers when not playing a source is worth the price of admission for me. however, i have found myself listening to a lot of my old cds, as in my opinion, i havent had anything in my system that compared to the rotels for musicality. im sure my wife thinks that im crazy, because she when she comes home, she will find me on the couch listening to music with the lights down low.

as far as home theater, i just watched the lord of the rings extended edition last night, and i cant relay enough how improved the sound of my system is. again, not a knock on the sony, because it was a solid receiver for the price range, but side-by-side, there is no comparison between it and the rotels.

my current setup consists of the 1066 and 1095, hdvr2 directivo unit (another piece that im not sure how i lived without), an older sony s560dvt dvd player (next item on the chopping block), hithachi 43 inch hd rptv, and definitive technology all around: bp2000tls, clr3000, and bpvxps.

good luck to you with whatever choice you make, but for me, i cant recommend the rotels high enough.

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