Marantz 52/62/7200 - svideo and the red indicator

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    I finally made the plunge into the digital world from the analog Pro Logic world. I bought a Marantz SR-5200 and the first one I took home from the store had the s-video vertical line problem. I took it back to the store and after 30 minutes of A/B'ing and trying different cables, I finally convinced the salesmen at the shop that there was a problem with the receiver. They claim that they had sold many x200 series and I was the first one to complain and point out the s-video problem. I exchanged my defective unit with a non-defective unit (the only other one they had in the store) and now things are well. As someone mentioned before, test the unit out before you take it home.
    Completely unrelated to this, does anyone know what that red indicator light is, the one that looks like a speaker and is just above the mute indicator? I asked the salesmen at the store where I bought mine, and they didn't have a clue. (shocking!) :)
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    I think it means you are receiving stereo signal when listening to the tuner, and may also work for stereo music sources as well. Not 100% sure though.
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    The red indicator means that sound is sent to the speakers in general. It disappears if you plug in a set of headphones. Hardly seems useful, but there it is.

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