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Marantz 5.1 amp problem

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by NZNick, May 14, 2018.

  1. NZNick

    NZNick Auditioning

    May 13, 2018
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    Hi - I'm new here and have a problem with my marantz amp

    from about 3 months ago when I turned the amp on it would make a loud crackling / popping sound through the wharfedale speakers for about 39-59 seconds before the crackling stops and normal sound come out - click on link

    what I did was disconnect the TV cable box [sky tv New Zealand] HDMI cables from the amp so the TV is no longer running through the amp

    does anyone know what the problem might be and what might be causing it??

    I spoke to the Marantz amp distributor in NZ and they suggested to try a factory reset. I turned the amp back on in the weekend and after the crackling had stopped I did the factory reset, then turned it off again
    turned it on about 6 hours later to FM radio and there was no crackling.
    turned it on again today and no crackling

    my question is - has the factory reset worked, or is it maybe one of the HDMI cables that was connecting the sky tv box to the amp or something?

    should I try reconnecting the HDMI Cables to the sky TV box and see what happens?

    sorry for all the questions, but not really sure what to do here
  2. JohnRice

    JohnRice Executive Producer

    Jun 20, 2000
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    A Mile High
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    Try reconnecting everything and see how it goes. Sometimes when a piece of equipment acts strangely, all you have to do is disconnect it from the power for a few minutes, but a factory reset would be the step beyond that.

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