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Joe Carlson

Apr 12, 2003
Hi, I'm new to the forum (but a longtime reader) and I'm trying to unload most of my laserdiscs. I haven't traded with anyone on here yet, but I have a perfect Ebay rating under the username "jcarlson1". All of these lasers have been kept in plastic sleeves, and just show normal wear and tear on the jackets. I am looking to sell them or trade them for DVD's. I'd prefer to sell them in groups, but I will entertain smaller offers. The cost of each will follow the title in US Dollars, with a discount if you buy multiples. Shipping will be additional. My want list on DVD's is too numerous to mention, so if you have something you'd like to trade or have any other questions, send me an e-mail. Also, please let me know where you live so I can calculate accurate shipping costs. Thanks!

All of these (except one) are Widescreen:

12 Monkeys 5
Apollo 13 THX 5
Batman Forever AC3 5
Beavis and Butthead Do America 5
Beverly Hills Cop THX 6
Beverly Hills Cop 2 THX 6
Billy Madison 5
The Brady Bunch Movie 5
Braveheart THX/AC3 6
Casino 5
Clear and Present Danger THX/AC3 6
Dick Tracy (Fullscreen) CAV 3
Die Hard THX 6
Die Hard 2 THX 6
Die Hard 3 THX 6
Disclosure 5
English Patient THX/AC3 SEALED 6
Eraser 5
Executive Decision (bought as used, jacket worn) 4
Face/Off THX/AC3 6
Fargo 5
The Firm 5
Forrest Gump THX/AC3 6
From Dusk till Dawn Special Director's Edition AC3 7
The Fugitive (jacket worn) 4
The Getaway (Unrated) 5
Get Shorty THX AC3 5
Glengarry Glen Ross 5
The Ghost and the Darkness THX/AC3 Sealed 6
Goldeneye THX/AC3 5
Goodfellas 5
Independence Day THX/AC3 Sealed 6
The Last Boy Scout 5
Last Man Standing AC3 5
Major League 2 4
Malice 4
Mallrats 5
Mighty Aphrodite 4
Mr Holland's Opus AC3 5
Mortal Kombat AC3 5
Outbreak AC3 5
Primal Fear AC3 5
Pulp Fiction THX 5
Resevoir Dogs 5
The Rock THX/AC3 6
The Shadow 5
Sleepless in Seattle 5
Spaceballs AC3 5
Star Trek First Contact THX/AC3 5
Striking Distance 4
Superman 2 (this was the latest version) 5
Terminator 2 Special Edition THX 6
That Thing You Do THX/AC3 5
Timecop 5
Tin Cup 5
Tommy Boy 5
Top Gun THX AC3 6
Toy Story CAV Box Set THX/AC3 15 (Extra shipping cost)
The Usual Suspects 5
True Lies THX AC3 5
The War of the Roses CAV Box set 10

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