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    HI, I am looking for advise on how to find who to work with on a home theater system in a new home. The room is dedicated to theater only and we are looking to spend between 150-200 thousand on the room. We have no idea on where to begin so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank You, Leo
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    First, determine what qualities you and your family want in the theater room. I mean I have seen high end rooms with pleasant decor and $200,000 in electronics, and others with $200,000 in spectacular decor, themed, right down to commercial popcorn machines, and then throw in a high end Denon receiver and set of Polk speakers that all costs under $3500. Anyway, once you have an idea of what you want, go speak with some installers in your area and get a feel for what they do. Sometimes it's best to work with two firms. One that will do the build out, dry wall, electrical, lighting, furniture etc, and another to handle the audio & video aspects. Many installers I see seem to either specialize in the creation of a spectacular room and carry a few brands of electronics and speakers, or they are truly into high end sound and video reproduction and carry one line of chairs and offer basic carpet and design services. Either way, your budget should allow for something incredible. I remember a room I worked on using Rotel Pre/Pro and amps, Def Tech speakers, JL audio subs, a pair of Epson projectors and a Stewart screen, high end remotes, motorized seating and curtains, the whole thing sounded great and was just under $100,000 including 12 additional pairs of speakers around the 12,000 sq ft home and outside.

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