Manimal ever on DVD??

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    The release date of Manimal: The Complete Series has been pushed back to Monday 27th August (source: Amazon UK).
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    Yes I remember Manimal my sister and I loved that show but it was never meant to be a mini series though the network that to the show on never got the fan base they needed at the time each show is given a quoted fan base that's needed and if it doesn't get it it's taken off at the end of it's season run and if it didn't make a percentage mark the maker wanted in a language say English it may not make it to vhs/dvd or theses days blue ray though I'd love to buy a copie Manimal was a part of NBC's 1983 fall line-up which also featured eight other series that were cancelled before their first seasons ended In September 2012, it was reported that Sony Pictures Animation is developing a live-action/CGI film based on Manimal. The series' creator and producer, Glen A. Larson, is once again attached as a pro­ducer. who know's the cartoon may spark a better interest in north America and bring atleast the original pilot show out but it popular in these countries but I know they may not be sold in English there either but do check with local stores like HMV they maybe able to get an English copy Argentina - Canal 9 Bangladesh - Bangladesh Television Brazil - Rede Globo, Rede Manchete Chile - TVN Costa Rica - Repretel France - FR3 (1985), M6 Germany - Sat. 1 Guatemala - Canal 3 Indonesia - TVRI Ireland - RTÉ One Israel - Channel 1 Italy - Canale 5 Nepal - NTV Malaysia - RTM Mexico - Canal 13 Pakistan - NTM Peru - Canal 5 Philippines -RPN 9 Portugal - RTP1 Venezuela - Venevisión Singapore - Channel 5 Taiwan -TTV United Kingdom - BBC 1 (1984), Bravo, Zone Thriller (2008) Sri Lanka - Rupavahini

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