Man do I HATE UPS!!!!

Steve Russell

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 10, 1999
I have had more problems with UPS than with all other shippers combinedx2. This time they delivered my citizen kane, legend of hell house, 13 ghosts shipment to the wrong address.
I got a email notification that it had shipped from amazon. I had forgotten that it was shipping UPS(was expecting priority mail) and kept checking mail box. After almost 2 weeks I finally check with amazon. I get the tracking number and boy was I suprised to find out that it had been delivered a week before. I call UPS and find out that it was delivered to woodfield rd. instead of woodleaf ct. Of course UPS doesnt want to take the rap and insists that I need to check the shipping information at amazon. I have recieved shipments from them for 3-4 years now and they have always had the right address before.
Amazon was great and shipped me another package second day air for free but UPS really pisses me off. I've had 2-box orders with only one of the boxes delivered. That caused me huge headaches with the shipper and UPS. I've gotten boxes with huge holes in them.
I finally got so pissed that I demanded that EVERY package no matter what size or value get a signature. That way I could inspect every package. I get much better service from my mail man who will bring packages to my door. Sorry for the rant but just had to bitch about UPS somewhere.

David Tallen

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 23, 1999
Here we go again. I started a thread like this a while back. It turned out that everyone hates UPS. All I can figure is that UPS must offer an incredible rate to companies like Amazon. It never fails: UPS takes a week; the US Postal Service takes two days. As a type, I am waiting for The Godfather set and for Snow White. Grrrrrrr!

Seth T

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 8, 2000
I actually ordered Snow White direct from, and it showed up US Mail ON the release date. I was impressed.
UPS...well...there's a reason people pronounce it "oops"...

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