Man Called Horse: Rated and Unrated editions?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bob Pierce, Apr 29, 2003.

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    (Note: I did several searches on HTF to see if this had come up before, and it seems it hasn't, so....)

    I went online to pick up A Man Called Horse and some other titles tonight, and searching on DVDSoon, I found two listings with the same release date and nearly identical data, but different UPC codes. The only other obvious difference I could see was that one was R rated, and the other was clearly listed as "NR", even using the black-and-white NR symbol in the listing. This seemed odd, and I hadn't heard of two different versions of this disc being released. Does anyone out there have any info on this? If there are two versions (which I doubt), what are the main differences?

    I'd appreciate any help in clearing up this mystery before I make my purchase. Thanks!

    - Bob P.
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    First, the movie was rated "GP" in 1969 (this was before PG) and has never sported an "R" rating. I am a big fan of this film and have never known of any lost footage or anything that could be inserted for a more severe rating (unlike the as-yet unreleased SOLDIER BLUE, released a year later, which was cut from an "R" to a "PG" and has so far not been restored.... listening, MGM/Anchor Bay?)
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    There are two different versions of A MAN CALLED HORSE. The differences are pronounced if one watches the two versions side by side, if you don't do that, you'll hardly see any difference. One version has more violence in the battle scene. (You can see it particularly when the Shoshone set upon the Sioux sentries before the battle. In one version the sentries are merely jumped, while in the other version the sentries' throats are shown being slit.) There are other small variations in music, dialogue, and editing. Once again only noticeable if you watch the two versions side by side or if you've seen both versions a million times like I have.

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