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Mar 23, 2002
First off - let me just say thanks to this forum - its has just been a wealth of info.
I am in the processing of moving my components in a closet just off the family room - b/c of this I need to do a whole bunch of re-wiring. Not that big of a deal - Iv been able to make the cables I need (thx to info from this forum)
and got some 12G speaker from parts express. (Its on sale right now - 29 bux for a 100' role.wire from parts express http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...=2792&CATID=56
Anyways, Im sick and tire of having the cables and wires come out of just holes in the wall and would like to make it more professional looking.
I plan on doing wall plates w/ banana clips for the speaker wire but what can I do about the video by the monitor?
I have a plasma mounted over the fire place. Right now
I have Component Cable and S video coming out the wall to it.
For the most part its hidden but I like to put a plate there and have just a small run from the TV to the plate.
Ive seen S-Video plates as well as RCA plates I can buy.
My question is the video run will be about 30 - 40 feet, will I lose PQ if I run the wire from the receiver to the back of a wall plate - the a small run from the wall plate to the TV?

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
For audio, it's not that big of a deal to run to binding posts in wall plates. But....I'm uncomfortable with you doing that for video, and my guess is your Plasma TV takes HD/Progressive signals - so you are likely MORE sensitive than someone running ordinary video. (Ordinary video tops out at about 4 Mhz, but HD goes to 35 Mhz).
(The higher the frequency, the more sensitive you are to reflections in the cable caused by impedence mis-match. I doubt the wall-plates with connectors maintain the 75 ohms needed for video)
I would do this:
- Run your video through outlet box's.
- Pull enough wire at both ends to make a un-interupted run from source to the TV.
- Buy blank wall-plates and drill holes and thread the video cables through them. This will give you a nice appearance, and you can always add wall-plates with connectors later.
If you DO decide to go with wall-plates and connectors, go through www.markertek.com . They sell parts to the broadcast & production studio industry so the quality is likely to be more "professional".
I might also suggest that if you use wall-plates with connectors, you buy ones with BNC connectors. It's a more professional connector than the friction-fit RCA's or the SVideo. BNC's are what the production studios use. You can buy SVideo-to-BNC breakout cables on eBay.
Good Luck.

Bill Lucas

Supporting Actor
Mar 20, 1999
If you are using an HD15 to 5 BNC breakout cable then do the breakout at the plate. Extron makes wallplates that doexactly what you want to do. If you are going HD15 to HD15 then you'll have to use two cables to accomplish your goal but I really don't see a problem with it. It is done all the time in high end custom installations without degradation to the signal. Make sure you use good parts. ;) Regards.


Mar 23, 2002
Thats what I was afraid of w/ the video.
since Im making the cables - I may just drill a hole in a blank plate to match the existing size wire so that way it will at least be flush. A little white shrink tube may make it a little more "indescreet" as well.
Thanks for the info.
Boy is this a fun hobby =)

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