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Dec 21, 2008
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In 2005, we put together a home theater in our bonus room. Here recently I have been strongly considering making some changes.
Here is a brief overview of components:

Panasonic 50" Plasma w/ 1080p & HDMI
Harman Kardon AVR235
Velodyne DPS-12 Subwoofer
4 Polk Monitor 40's
Polk CS2 Center

One thing I would like to do is relocate the subwoofer. The room is long, and the intensity of the bump varies depending on where you sit. I would like it to sound the same in all areas so I'm going to experiment (Does anyone recommend putting it in the back?). My questions is: Will it reduce the quality or anything if I couple the current subwoofer cable once with another one? Or should I buy a completely new cable?

Since the room is so long, and the AVR235 is a 7.1 receiver, I am also comtemplating installing two in-wall speakers on the sides of the room. First of all, good move or bad move? Will I be impressed or will it be a waste of money? In addition, if I decided to do this, would I be best off to stick with Polk or should i be a little froogle and go for a cheaper speaker?

DISH :: I have a Dish HD-Receiver, but do not subscribe and am not interested in HD channels; it is, however, connected to the television via component. Would I be just as well off the quit "leasing" this unit from Dish and actually buy a standard receiver and connect it with RCA's? Will I see a difference?

Sorry for the overload on questions. It's been a while since I've discussed all of this. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Aug 22, 2000
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Sub - No problem extending the cable with an additional cable as long as both are high quality (Monoprice.com). Moving it will change the response but it may just be the room. Have you plotted the response of the sub only? Your room may need an additional sub to smooth out the response.

Speakers - Why can't you go with Monitor 40's? Having all identical speakers is the best. Same company is good.

Dish - Watching standard def over component will only give you a slightly better pic than using s-video or composite video. Calibration of your TV will give you a better picture than using a better connection when discussion SD video on an HDTV.


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