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Apr 11, 2003
Hi guys ! I am very new here and to the home theatre thing. I have recently purchased a Sony DVD NS-305, already have a Sony Wega flat TV and an AIWA mini hi-fi with 62 watts each main speakers (built-in sub woofers) and surround too.

The sound is good and crispy, well enough for a 14x14 room but now i have moved the system to my living room which is very big from my bed room. i now want a exceptional excellent cinema sound to impress my friends. can you recommend me anything that can be compatible with my current system. can i buy any receiver and connect same to my dvd for more sound using aiwa hi-fi at the same time. I dont know really what should be done for more sound here. appreciate your guidance and thanks for helping me out. zain

Carl Johnson

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May 6, 1999
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Carl III
How much are you looking to spend? You can't very well go into an automobile forum and say "i wanna buy a car, what should i get?"


Apr 11, 2003
ok. around usd 300/- to usd 1000/- but i would love to keep the cost on lower side as recently bought some more stuff for myself and the balance is only 1100/- so you know. anyway thanks for the reply.

Ted Lee

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May 8, 2001
without a doubt, the first thing you'll want to replace is the aiwa system. believe me, it may sound good to you...but it doesn't even come close to what a decent receiver and speaker setup can do.

your budget is about 1k right?

what i would do is pick up a decent receiver (about 400), then get yourself some speakers. you can do the speakers in "phases". get the mains first, then center, then rears. the entire speaker package will probably be around 1300.


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Jun 17, 2002
Brands to look at for receivers would be Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, and Sony ES. Model numbers will vary from country to country so look at features.

My room is 13x14 and I use an Onkyo SR500 receiver with an HTD sub/sat speaker system.

Speakers: consider a sub/sat system
sub - Hsu, Velodyne
sats - Paradigm, PSB, HTD Level 2, Mirage Omni, Polk, B&W

Are these brands available locally? For speakers you would be advised to listen to each of your options.

Save some money for cables. Acoustic Research HT-130 interconnects. Sound King 12 ga speaker wire.

Do you envision connecting any other sources?



Apr 11, 2003
Hi Sathyan, thanks for the reply. Yes I would love to connect other sources as well. For receivers, pls tell me are receivers and amplifiers same ?? Had searched the market yesterday and found that only Yamaha and Sony amps are available and other line Onkyo and Denon are there but used. Will tell you the model numbers of Yamaha and Sony.

For speakers, only Sony and JBL speakers are available in Karachi. Pls tell me can I go for Sony HT dream system 990 as I think it must be very good. Do you have any idea about it. Zain


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Jun 17, 2002
Receiver vs amp

An AV receiver combines the functions of a number of devices
1. AM/FM tuner
2. Processor (decodes DTS and AC3)
3. DAC
4. Pre-Amplifier
5. (very basic) equalizer
6. power amplifier
7. headphone amp

An amp is typically #6. An integrated amp is usually #4, 6, & 7. Amp is a term used loosely by mass-market salespeople so if it has a radio in it is a receiver as being discussed here.

What to look for in an entry-level receiver:
A. Inputs
1. Analog/Video - most sources get connected by analog; you can never have too many inputs
2. Multichannel - connect SACD or DVD-A player here
3. Digital - connect your DVD and CD player here (unless you have a very good CDP or outboard DAC
B. Outputs
1. Analog/video - connection for recoding deck (VCR, Tivo, Tape, CDR, MD, etc) and monitor (TV using s-video, composite or component; note: most receivers can't up-convert so you must runn all connection types)
2. headphone - 1/4"
3. speaker - binding posts are better than spring clamps
C. Power
You want quality power
40 Wpc of Onkyo/Denon/HK/Marantz/Yamaha beats 100 Wpc of Sony/Pioneer/Kenwood/etc
In a quiet 14x14 room doing multichannel, even 30 Wpc would be enough so don't let these
D. low distortion
look for a THD rating of .1% or less (for 20Hz-20kHz, all channels driven); the lower the better
E. remote control
universal is a must, learning is even better
F. build quality
better products tend to be heavier (around 20 kgs)

Here are my suggestions that you should audition (these are US model numbers, you'll need to figure out the equivalent)

I'm dividing your budget like this:

Receiver : $300
Speakers (incl. sub): $600
Speaker wire: $30
Interconnect: $20
Digital Interconnect: $15
S-video cable: $15
FM antenna: $20


STR-DA1ES if you can find a good price (MSRP is $500; it's a good deal at $350)

HTR-5540 $250
HTR-5550 $300


Sony - I have never heard adequate bookshelf speakers by Sony but their SAWM40 subwoofer ($100) is good at its price point. And with your budget, you can't afford the $500 subs from Hsu and Velodyne that are so popular here.

JBL - SCS150 5.1 speaker system is pretty good ($550 list, $400 as refurb). S-series bookshelfs are pretty decent. You may want to start out with S-38's ($400 a pair) for fronts and an S-center ($250). Or go with the N-series: N-26 ($200 a pair) and N-center ($150). And the Sony sub (above). Hold off on surrounds if you can't afford it right now.

For speakers used is usually a decent option. In any case, try to find other brands.


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