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Magnepan Home Theater for sale (1 Viewer)

Lenny Truett

Jan 27, 1999
It is a VERY VERY sad day, but I am selling my Magnepan home theater set up because it doesn't fit in the new house. It consists of 2 pairs of MG IIIa, a MGCC1 and an outlaw ICBM magnepan edition.

Both pairs of MGIIIa's are in excellent condition and the MGCC1 has been out the box for about 1 year and probably has only a couple of hundred hours on it because it was only used for movies. I will be happy to give you more details by email or on the phone. Pictures are possible, but would take a little while because I recently dropped my digital camera. Shipping is possible and everything is still boxed from the move, but it would be heavy (over 200 lbs. total) I live just outside D.C on the east side.

Asking $2500 plus shipping. I will consider trades for a rear projection HDTV (56" or larger, widescreen preferred) or maybe a very nice set up of box speakers (shudders) for home theater.

I also have a one year old parasound HCA 2205a that I used to drive them and I would like to keep it, but..... I would be willing to let it go for a fair price if some one really wanted it will all of the speakers. You could get everything, with the amp for less than the price of the 3.6's new, and the sound .............heaven!

email [email protected]
daytime 703-845-2127
evening 301-627-2120

Lenny Truett

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