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Kendal Kirk

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 15, 2001
I am considering purchasing 3 pair of the MMG internet promo by Magnapan. I would use the third pair for front center and rear center in a 6.1 set up.

Here are my concerns:

1. Space is limited since I had to move into an apartment. The front soundstage will be fine since I cam place the speakers 2ft from the front wall. Side right will be in a corner wall facing the seating area(very little breathing room), side left will have to divide living room and dining room so there is plenty of breathing room. Please give me some pointers on positioning both speakers to achieve a seamless pan.

2. Rear center is a big problem. My seating position is backed up to the rear wall(space dictates this). I have thought about hanging it at an angle from the ceiling, or mounting it on brackets about 3" off the back wall. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

3. Power. I know that these are not the most sensitive speakers around, but will my Newcastle 956 with 120w x6 produce enough power to achieve near reference volumes?

I haven't heard of anyone using this setup for home theater. For $1650 US I could have identical speakers for all 6 channels. My only concern is how these speakers will perform in a less than ideal setup.

Help me make a sound decision . . . .

Mark Leitch

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 4, 2002
I ran a maggie home theater (MG IIIa mains, three MMGs for center and surrounds). The MMG makes an excellent center *except* it beams. There is a limited spot where it sounds good. Off axis, it is muffled. I do not think you have enough room for the rear center. As for reference levels, I do not think maggies are the best speaker for that.

I sold off my maggies, put the bulk of my money into 2 channel, and put in a small axiom setup. Given your space limitations, I do not think the maggies would work. You could always use the MMG fronts (I think the MMGs are great for the money... though so are the axiom m3ti's).



Second Unit
Sep 3, 2001
2ft from the wall is probably not optimal for the maggies to sound right. But you might get away with it since they are the smallest maggies.

Side/rears are even worse off, very little space behind maggies means really bad sound. Pronounced midrange, no bass.

If you are putting the center speaker in a upright position, it will be on par with the left and right speaker, if it is laid flat, then you will get the beaming Mark is describing.

Maggies are 4 ohm speakers, and depending on how capable your amp is into 4 ohm loads. It might be adaquate.

Maggies needs space in front and back of the speaker for it to come alive. If you don't have the space for it, they will end up sounding off worse than generic speakers.

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