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    Hey guys,
    Does anyone have an opinion on these cabinets? I have a pair of Tempests laying around and it doesn't look like my schedule (or living space) will permit the double-walled 9cf vented boxes I was planning on. So, I'm considering buying a pair of the 3cf boxes from Madisound, and stuffing the bejesus out of them for some quick and easy sealed Tempest cabs. Assct'd electronics will be an Adcom GFA-555II, and probably a BFD and CX3400 xo. TIA,
    Mark Hayenga
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    Nov 6, 1999
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    I've used Woodstyle cabinets for 15 years, primarily buying large orders direct = 500lbs. The cabinets are very well made, both fit and finish is excellent. They are a combination of 3/4" particle board (front & back panels) and 3/4" Nova ply (any finished hardwood surface) As a result they need to be stiffened. If the driver hole cutouts are large enough, just laminate up additional layers with MDF. If the cutouts are small use 1"X2" oak "fan" or "crossbracing".
    There's an example of how this bracing is done on the Klone-Audio website, look at the "Rava Too!" project.
    BTW, buying these in quantity and having them shipped UPS is expensive due to the weight. Woodstyle will build small runs of custom sizes. These aren't too expensive if they can be sized as a multiple of one of their stock sized cabinets. They will also do custom driver cutouts and rebasing, and build in any size port desired. If you can generate a large enough order to justify truck shipping, you can probably buy direct from Woodstyle.
    I haven't delt with them in awhile so the info below may not be up to date.
    Woodstyle Products Inc.
    125 North Puente Ave.
    City of Industry, CA 91744
    Hope this helps
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  3. Hank Frankenberg

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    Mark, why don't you choose an Adire cabinet design and I'll give you a quote. No shipping charge [​IMG]

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