Mad Men Season 6 Bluray $9.99 Target B&M. B1G1 at DeepDiscount on some BD TV

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by David Norman, Jan 5, 2014.

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    This seems to be holding up so far, but as the title says. The weekly ad lists the DVD at this price, but multiple reports that stores have shelf tags for the BD and DVD sets at the same price. The DCPI is correct, but who knows how long this may last assuming it is a mistake

    Hannibal S1 Blu is also at 14.99 at Target

    For those looking for other Mad Men seasons and a few other good deals --- B1G1 at Deep Discount with Code MORETV for several sets

    Weeds S1-8 for about a iittle under $6 per season
    Mad Men S1-5 for about $7+ a season
    Nurse Jackie S1-4 for $6ea
    Boss 1-2 for $12 ea
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    David, thanks for the heads up on the Mad Men Season 6 on bluray. I stopped in my local store tonight and picked up their last copy for $9.99. As your post noted, separate shelf tags for the bluray and DVD both read the same price it rang up correctly at the register (which caused a double-take by the cashier).

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