Mad About You: S1 not in Broadcast Order

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    I've been watching Mad About You: Season One, and I believe the last two episodes are switched in order. The second-to-last episode on the disc is "Happy Anniversary," wherein the characters are discussing how Mark left Fran, and it's awkward when they both come to Paul and Jamie's anniversary party. The last episode on the set is "The Painter," wherein we learn for the first time that Mark left Fran, and it's initially dealt with.

    I don't know if any of the other episodes are not in proper order (though the Valentine's Day episode comes directly after the Christmas episode on this set, so...). Also, on the insert, there are no air dates. Hm....

    Anyway, the overall set is rather nice. Despite having 11 episodes per disc (!), the picture still looks good (at least broadcast quality, if not a hair better). The sound is also fine, sitcom sound. But, no broadcast order. Sucks.
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    Christian Preischl
    Here's the correct order of the episodes, as the should have appeared on the set:

    Romantic Improvisations
    Sofa's Choice
    Sunday Times
    Out of the Past
    Paul in the Family
    I'm Just So Happy for You
    Token Friend
    The Apartment
    Riding Backwards
    Neighbors from Hell
    Met Someone
    Maid About You
    Weekend Getaway
    The Wedding Affair
    Love Among the Tiles
    The Billionaire
    The Man Who Said Hello
    Swept Away
    The Spy Who Loved Me
    The Painter
    Happy Anniversary

    Can you compare that to the episodes on the disc so we can see how messed up the order really is?

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    Jun 27, 2002
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    What happened with this set?

    It was always reported as 10-29, but the Best Buy ad has it in there for this week (10-22).

    I'm not complaining, I'll take it a week sooner, but it was definately a surprise to see it there this week.

    BTW, The best price I've seen is at Target (if you have one near by), which was a staggering high of $16.99! Great price.
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    It was bumped up a week shortly after it was announced months ago.
    And Target is finally going to get some of my business. Sweet.

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