MacWorld Expo 2010

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Nelson Au, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Anyone go to MacWorld? I was there today for the Expo at the Moscone Center.

    It was really crowded, a good turnout. However, the usual main Hall wasn't used, they crammed the whole thing in the lower smaller hall. And worse yet, a lot of major companies didn't come this year. Since Apple pulled out last year, many major companies like Epson, Canon, Adobe and Logitech were not there.

    Elgato, Axiotron and other smaller companies also were not there. Some software companies also were not there that I wanted to see, such as some of the CAD companies and drawing companies. I missed the big Adobe booth with the training and teaching sessions. They have some very cool products. It was a disappointment.

    On the bright side, Microsoft had a large booth and many new cool companies making products for the iPhone and the iPad.

    On Friday, there will be a few speakers and Leo LaPorte will be doing Live session, whatever that means.

    And Saturday, MacWorld will be doing a preview and in-depth analysis of the iPad with a panel of industry insiders.
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    Eh...having everything packed into the north hall left things too congested. Spent a couple hours there, but had a hard time moving around. I may stop back again today or tomorrow.

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