M&K or Sunfire sub to fit in small cabinet?

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    We need to buy a sub that will fit in a small built-in cabinet (13 inches deep, some of which will be taken up by wire dressing; power supply and source signal come out of the back wall of the cabinet). This is not ideal, but we want to make the best of it. Usage will be for music as well as HT. We are considering:

    M&K K-10 (MSRP $599)
    Sunfire True Sub Super Jr. (MSRP $995)
    Sunfire True Sub Mark 4 (MSRP $1495)
    Sunfire True Sub Architectural (MSRP $1395)

    (We might have to look for a used Sunfire due to the price.)

    The M&K is sealed-box, front-radiating. The last Sunfire is also front-radiating. The first 2 Sunfires (I think) have 2 opposite radiators, so may be less well-suited to a cabinet location.

    Comments? Suggestions? Other subs to consider?

  2. You might as well add the Velodyne SPL series and the Carver Shadow Knight.
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    You're right about the Sunfire Jrs., they are definitely built to be placed in a corner. Sunfire's architectural subs are designed with cabinets in mind. It seems like there is an abundance of factory reconditioned Sunfire subs showing up on Ebay lately. You might be able to get yourself a deal.

    You're on the right track. For small subs, M&K and Sunfire, along with Velodyne, are the leaders.

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