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M-Audio Delta 410 hook up to ATI AIW 9800 pro

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Venk_I, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Venk_I

    Venk_I Auditioning

    Mar 31, 2004
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    Let me first give information about my HTPC connections.

    Video: "DVI out" from ATI AIW 9800 pro video card to "DVI in" directly to projector (Optoma 735 pro).

    "Co-axial digital Out" from M-Audio Delta 410 sound card to "Co-axial digital in" (DVD in) on Harmon Kardon AVR 230.
    JBL E80 tower front tower speakers (2), Centre speaker, 2 bookshelf as surround speakers and Sub. all JBL.

    Motherboard: ASUS PC400E Deluxe ( having on board audio which is not my default player).

    I am able to play DVD very well on the DVD-ROM with excellent Audio and video output.

    But when I hook-up my satellite/cable to the TV tuner on ATI AIW card, I am able to get video but no audio.

    I was told to physically connect the M-Audio Delta 410 card to my video card. This can be done by connecting the "Co-axil digital Audio out" from ATI card via a adapter to "Co-axial digital Audio In" on M-Audio Delta 410 sound card.

    My specific questions after having done this, how should I configure the M-Audio multimedia control panel so that I can get audio while playing Satellite/cable TV.

    Please help.
  2. Vince Maskeeper

    Vince Maskeeper Producer

    Jan 18, 1999
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    It's been a while since i played with the Maudio mixer- but just wondering why to run it thought the card passthrough anyway?

    I have a similar situation on my HTPC- and I just run the audio output from the tuner directly to my receiver... that way I have a different audio input (with different settings) for TV tuning than for DVD. Works much better, and I don't ahve to worry about accessing the Maudio panel to change things back and forth.


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