Lutron Spacer Whine Problem

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    I have a 600W Lutron Spacer remote control dimmer unit that is driving 10 4" in-ceiling light cans.

    Each of the cans has a 50 watt bulb.

    The problem is a very high-pitched whine or whistle that is emitted from the dimmer unit when the

    lights are dimmed below a certain brightness.

    Above approx. 1/2 brightness level the noise goes away.

    It's generally not intrusive unless the room is quiet, i.e.,

    silence during a movie or musical passage but it still bothers me that there is any sound at all.

    Is this common? Would a dimmer with a higher watt rating solve this?

    The lights are a mixture of halogen and incandescent.

    Would switching to all halogen bulbs help solve the problem?

    An electrician did the install so I'm assuming everything is wired correctly.

    TIA for any assistance.

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    I have a Spacer also and have had no noise what so ever but I am using four 75w incandescent floods! Did it do it from the start or has it gotten worse? I would try unscrewing a bulb at a time until the sound goes away, Just to see if you are placing too much load. Try replacing the Halogens with Incandescence just to see if that has something to do with it, it shouldn't be but who knows!

  3. Scott-C

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    You may want to try different bulbs. Check out this link. I have the same "whine" you have, and also have a Spacer system, but I don't think the whine is necessarily related to the Spacer. I think in my case it has to do with cheap bulbs. I'm keeping them in until they die, but others have told me that the whine might go away when I get better bulbs.
    Good luck and hope this link helps.

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