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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Blu, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Blu

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    Oct 6, 2001
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    How can you unlock all of the skins in 1P challenge mode?

    I am starting to hate starting with the same skin and song in 1P challenge. Is there anyway to start with a different one?

    I can get about 4-5 skins into the mode but that is about this rate it will be nearly impossible to unlock them all.
  2. Steven Simon

    Steven Simon Producer

    Sep 14, 1998
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    Steven Simon
    I just picked up this game the other day... Fantastic!!!
  3. Jesse Blacklow

    Jesse Blacklow Cinematographer

    Oct 14, 2002
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    I'm tempted to get a PSP just for this. It's the same guy who did Rez and Space Channel 5, amongst a ton of others.
  4. Mike~Sileck

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    Feb 28, 2004
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    I guess there are some spoilers listed here, but here is a list of every unlockable in the game:

    GameFAQS List

    You can also check out the message boards over there to answer any other questions you may have.

    I own the game myself and sucked, I mean sucked for a while, but stay with it, eventually you build your skills up, you just gotta be patient.

  5. Blu

    Blu Screenwriter

    Oct 6, 2001
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    So I guess there is no way to start the 1P Challenge mode with a different skin?
  6. JohnS

    JohnS Producer

    Jan 17, 2001
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    John Steffens
    no, it always starts out the same, unless you choose just to play in a single skin mode game.

    this should help others too!

    Unlockable: Characters
    Character 23: In Time Attack 60, acquire 50 deletes
    Character 24: In Time Attack 180, acquire 150 deletes
    Character 25: In Time Attack 300, acquire 250 deletes
    Character 38: In Time Attack 600, acquire 500 deletes
    Character 39: Beat level 1 in versus the CPU
    Character 40: Beat level 2 in versus the CPU
    Character 41: Beat level 3 in versus the CPU
    Character 42: Beat level 4 in versus the CPU
    Character 43: Beat level 5 in versus the CPU
    Character 44: Beat level 6 in versus the CPU
    Character 45: Beat level 7 in versus the CPU
    Character 46: Beat level 8 in versus the CPU
    Character 47: Beat level 9 in versus the CPU
    Character 48: Beat level 10 in versus the CPU
    Unlockable: Skins
    45 Degrees: Finish all the normal puzzles in Puzzle Mode.
    Aback: Reach level 40 in Challenge Mode.
    Auto Mobile Industry: Complete level 2 versus the CPU.
    Big Elpaso: Reach level 70 in Challenge Mode.
    Brash: Complete level 8 versus the CPU.
    Chinese restaurant: Complete level 9 versus the CPU.
    Da-Di-Do: Reach level 52 in Challenge Mode
    Dark side beside the river: Complete level 36 in Challenge Mode
    Fly Into The Sky: Reach level 95 in Challenge Mode
    Get up and go: Reach level 90 in Challenge Mode
    Holiday In Summer: Reach level 60 in Challenge Mode
    I hear the music in my Soul: Reach level 32 in Challenge Mode
    Japanese Form: Complete level 1 in VS. CPU
    Just: Reach level 28 in Challenge Mode
    Lights: Reach level 100 in Challenge Mode
    Meguro: Reach level 80 in Challenge Mode
    Mekong: Complete level 5 in VS. CPU
    moon beam: Complete level 10 in VS. CPU
    Morning Beats: Unlocked by 20 hours of play time
    My Generation: Reach level 75 in Challenge Mode
    Please return my CD: Complete level 3 in VS. CPU
    prime factor: Complete all x2 puzzles in Puzzle Mode
    Rodent: 10 hours of play time
    Round about: Reach level 8 in Challenge Mode
    Shake Ya Body: Reach level 16 in Challenge Mode
    Sister Walk: Reach level 48 in Challenge Mode
    Slipping: Reach level 12 in Challenge Mode
    Spirits: Reach level 85 in Challenge Mode
    Square Dance: Reach level 20 in Challenge Mode
    Strangers: Reach level 56 in Challenge Mode
    Take A Dog Out A Walk: Reach level 65 in Challenge Mode
    Talk 2 You: Reach level 24 in Challenge Mode
    The bird singing in the night: Complete level 4 in VS. CPU
    The Spy Loves Me: Reach level 7 in VS. CPU
    Tin Toy: clear versus the CPU
    Urbanization: Reach level 4 in Challenge Mode
    Water, Flower & Lights: finish with 999,999 in Challenge Mode
    Whoop-De-Do: Beat level 6 in VS. CPU
    Working In The Hole: Reach level 44 in Challenge Mode

    score 50,000 in challenge mode

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