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Mark Pfeiffer

Jun 27, 1999
I went to see Lucinda Williams in concert last night, and WOW, what a show! I admit that I'm not terribly familiar with her back catalog. I finally was curious enough to find out why critics were raving when Car Wheels on a Gravel Road was released. Loved it and was really surprised when Essence came out just a few short years later. I would have liked more of the raucous numbers on the new album, but it's slowly growing on me.
Anyways, my one fear was that she'd really dig into her older stuff and I'd be lost. She didn't. Her set consisted almost entirely of songs from the two most recent albums except for an old blues cover and "Changed the Locks" (which I knew from the Tom Petty cover).
I lucked out and had a seat in the second row, the closest I've ever been for any show with reserved seating. She and her band really tore it up. The passion she brings to her performance is staggering. The way she slurs and spits out words is intensely personal, and I almost thought she was going to break down during "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" (or was that "2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten"). "Essence" was really powerful, as was the extended jam on "Joy".
Her show seemed to be cut at least a song or two short. After an hour and a half, and one song into the second encore (if one can really call it such since anymore they are planned) she said she was losing her voice and had to stop. (Apparently Columbus is one of the last dates on the tour, and she talked about her raspy "road voice".) Even in a slightly abbreviated version, this was a phenomenal concert.
Kasey Chambers opened. She's an Australian country singer-songwriter and in some ways the polar opposite of Lucinda. She had a very bubbly, quirky personality and played what I'd term neo-traditionalist country. It was a family affair, what with her father playing guitar, brother running sound, and mother selling CDs. She played a tight 45 minute set and really won over the crowd, getting a standing ovation. It's not too often you see an opening act get that kind of rapturous response.
Anyone caught any of her shows on this tour?
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Phil A

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Oct 1, 2000
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Unfortunately I missed her but Borders has an interesting interview published at:Link Removed

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