LT150 and RP 91 settings??

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    I just got my LT150 yesterday and will be pairing it with a Panny RP91 on a DaLite 100" 4:3 Matte White screen.
    I'm currently having some renovations done on my HT and won't be able to hook up the system for a few days...and hence won't be really able to give my new PJ a workout. I was wondering if any of you have used this combination before and what settings (both RP91 and LT150) you used...
    I tried the LT150 out of the box last night projecting an image on wallpaper and so far, I love it!!
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    Lou Sytsma
    Hi Ari.
    I have pretty well the same combo as you but am using the Dalite Hi-Power 60 x 80 screen.
    Settings used on the RP91 are as follows:
    Picture settings - in progressive mode:
    - the 'U' settings
    - High Sharpness - +1
    - Gamma - +1
    - Mosquito Noise - -1
    - Video Transfer Mode - Auto2
    For the LT150 - set Gamma to Natural1 - I then change the Gamma setting on the RP91 if need be.
    Turn off the white segment ie remove the check mark
    This works pretty well. I find changing options on the projector clumsy whereas the RP91 is much easier.
    This is a great combo and I am very happy with it.
    Good luck and enjoy!
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