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    [​IMG] Hi all
    I fired up my sono for the first time and
    i have to turn the volume to full on my subwoofer amp to hear anything.Im not sure if i have the right audio cable as my cable from the receiver has one rca plug at each end.So from my receiver sub out to the rca imput on my subwoofer amp.If i only insert the centre pin of the rca fitting to my subwoofer amp it responds to the volume and makes a loud truck horn sound as soon as the outside of the rca plug touches the outside of the input fitting the horn goes and very low music. Hope this make sence please help
    Thanks DAZA (i posted this at HTT as well)
  2. That 60hz sound is normal.
    You said that the amp is turned up all the way, but there is still the subwoofer setting on your reciever. Mine has a +/-10db range.
    also...if you are running a DVC sub, make sure you have the coils wired up right [​IMG]

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