Loving the Blu-Ray! - A Beginner's Setup

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by DeanRichards, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I was late coming to this party, but I am full-bore into it now!


    Picked up the Vizio 42" LED to anchor the whole deal and I'm very happy with the extra brightness from the LED version even though it was significantly more money.


    Also got the Sony BDP-BX57 3D Blu-Ray player and that thing is a peach!


    I already had a Sony STR-DE485 receiver with surround sound speakers and the DirectTV HD Package, so once I set it all up, I was good to go!


    The Blu-Ray player is awesome!


    I wasn't already running a wireless network, but setting that up on my DSL connection wasn't a problem and as soon as I got that going, the Blu-Ray logged itself on and prompted me to do a firmware update (naturally) which I did and then it was all point and click easy. As you would expect, Sony includes a fair amount of their content as part of the "free" package, but in my opinion that is a small price to pay for the fact that their included for free software handles the internet connection for you like a champ. The almost total lack of setup is very cool.


    One thing I did setup was a DLNA server on my computer system to handle serving up my computer files to the Blu-Ray player. I looked around at a few servers and decided to go with Mezzmo. I like the ease of use. The installation was automatic (I didn't have to configure anything) and once it is going, you can simply drag the files/folders you want to be able to watch on the TV into one of Mezzmo's folders or you can make your own folders. No files are actually copied anywhere, it just lets the server know what you want to share and what you don't want to share (everything is no-share by default). With this kind of setup you can use your HDTV to watch videos, or look at photos, or listen to music that is stored on your computer. Before I got this Blu-Ray/DLNA setup, I used to burn movies to DVDs in order to watch them on the TV. Now I can stream them right from my computer! Sweet!


    The next thing I have to get is the 3D setup! It's really too bad there is so little programming in 3D right now, but I have a friend that works for a company that is converting existing movies into 3D, and I've seen his 3D setup at his place and there is no doubt that 3D is going to be huge, so I may be late to the HDTV party, I'm early for the 3D revolution!


    Sometimes the High Definition looks pretty much 3D all on its own! I can't believe what a difference it makes to have the High Definition!


    So I'm going to be checking in here often to keep up with the new trends and latest developments!


    Happy Viewing!
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